Vote for Lose A Balloon?

Hi guys, if you were here a long time ago, I wanted to print this t-shirt design on tees, starting an Edynae tee lable, but sadly, it didn't go through. =(

If you would still like to see this design on a real t-shirt though,
please do click on the images and vote for it!

You will receive my eternal thanks!

This time, I've submitted it to a local Singaporean site, 9 Fountains, which looks like it has a lot of potential, despite it being beta. I do love the fact that it supports local artists. =)


On the other hand, there is indeed a jewelry post coming in soon, and they will look something like these:

Till then!

Logo Concepts

Unused logo concepts for a family-run homemaker store/blog.

Logos can be played with for different sections of the store, for example, images 3 and 4.